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t-shirt design for Oktoberfest 2015Oktoberfest 2015 t-shirt design unveiled.

Take a peek at the design for the 2015 Oktoberfest t-shirt! Your chance to get yours is coming up at Oktoberfest on Saturday, September 26th. T-shirts sell out quickly so mark your calendar now to attend Oktoberfest and snag one for your very own. Click here for sizes and prices.


The Muenchberg Main Stage is the place to be if you want to catch the official opening ceremonies for Oktoberfest!

The mayor of Munich, Germany taps the first keg at Munich's famous Oktoberfest.

Just like in Munich, Germany (pictured above), the Mayor of Jefferson City, Carrie Turgen and other dignitaries will have the honor of tapping the first keg of Oktoberfest beer. Be there to see the official opening of Oktoberfest on Saturday, September 26 at 10:30am. Once the barrel has been tapped, all visitors will then be allowed to quench their thirst. Prost!

Two bands announced for Oktoberfest 2015!image of Keota Band members

Keota Band from Macon, Missouri

The Keota Band will open Saturday Main Stage at 11am–2pm
Keota was formed in 2007 with five longtime local musicians from the Macon, Missouri area. Their name is drawn from a nearly extinct settlement that lies west of Macon and a few miles from Bevier. When this group of individuals first started getting together to play informally in living room jam sessions it soon became apparent that every single member would rather make music than anything else on earth. That passion is what drives the band to make the music experience of Keota as memorable and pleasurable for you as it is for them. Their style of music is best described as “eclectic.” They love the sound of traditional acoustic instruments woven into songs that are not usually played acoustically, creating a sound that is unique to Keota. They play everything from folk, to country, to blues (yes, blues!), 70’s songs, and more than a few original compositions.

image of Spontaneous Serendipity bandSpontaneous Serendipity from Lake Ozark – voted #1!

SS will play at Main Stage from 3–6pm
Spontaneous Serendipity was born in October 2011 with founding members, Michelle Knollhoff and Andrew Busen. They started their adventure playing wineries and fine dining establishments, performing easy listening and jazz. Eighteen months later they decided to bring on guitar virtuoso, Tim Newell, which widely expanded their repertoire and musical abilities. Soon after, they began the writing process for their first all-original album, “Bridges.” Another year or so later, Spontaneous brought on the bass stylings of Austin Webster, and percussion master, Anthony McKee to fully round out their eclectic sound. They shift from easy listening and jazz, to Americana folk rock, infused with solid three-part harmonies. Having already received wide acclaim for “Bridges” in its prerelease, this group of artists is looking forward to the next step in their already busy careers.

Please visit their websites (Keota, Spontaneous Serendipity) and enjoy a little of their music!